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We study the development of forest tree species during juvenile stages to support forest regeneration and restoration. Our interests include genetics and tree improvement, nursery systems, site preparation, planting, environmental stress physiology, and management of young forest stands.

This research is important because maintenance of diverse, productive forests is essential to promote environmental and societal benefits, yet forests are continually threatened by urban expansion, land use conversion, and exotic pests.

Current Projects

tree trunk.
Butternut Conservation & Resistance Breeding Efforts

Resistance to pest and disease threats may be obtained by hybridization between native species...

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aerial view
Testing Efficacy of Underplanting & Enrichment Plantings

Oaks and other valuable hardwood species provide important economic, ecological, and wildlife...

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Productivity-Diversity Relationships in Hardwood Plantations

Productivity of forest ecosystems contributes $17 billion annually to the economy in Indiana...

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Top of trees with blue sky.
Using Hyperspectral Imaging to Evaluate Forest Health Risk

Forest systems face a diverse array of stressors of a scale and complexity previously unobserved.

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Tree seedlings planted in rows, conducting research establishment of mine reclamation tree plantings.
Establishment of Mine Reclamation Tree Plantings

Better understand how different herbaceous ground cover seed mixes affects the establishment...

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Forest clearning showing cut down trees, research Maritime Forest Live Oak Restoration.
Maritime Forest Live Oak Restoration

Little is known about the regeneration requirements of live oak, which limits ability to develop...

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Tree roots, conducting research "Acclimating Commercial Tree Seedling Root System Architecture to Drought."
Acclimating Commercial Tree Seedling Root System Architecture to Drought

Planting seedlings is the first step to reforest recently disturbed sites, yet seedling...

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Forest Regeneration & Restoration
Silviculture Laboratory
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