Breakthrough discovery for detecting cancer

Andy Tao portrait

W. Andy Tao, a professor of biochemistry and member of the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research, and colleagues have identified a series of proteins in blood plasma that, when elevated, signify that the patient has cancer. Their findings were published in the early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Vanishing Soundscapes Initiative featured on CNN

Soundscapes with Bryan Pijanowski

The work of Purdue’s Center for Global Soundscapes, led by Bryan Pijanowski, professor of landscape ecology in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, was featured in CNN’s Vanishing series in “Listening for the amphibian apocalypse.” CNN accompanied Pijanowski and a team of researchers to the Costa Rican rainforest, where they recorded the sounds of amphibians in danger of extinction as part of the Center for Global Soundscapes’ Vanishing Soundscapes initiative.

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Sculpture honors pioneering entomologists

The College of Agriculture paid tribute to its entomology program, one of the oldest in the nation, by commissioning “The Entomologist,” a bronze sculpture depicting three scientists who played a major role in promoting the study of insects and the environment.

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Taming the Bear Market

a storm looms in the background of young corn crops in a field

One of the nation’s leading agricultural economists, Hurt knows exactly what to look for in the dense block of data—specifically, which numbers will move the market up or down. For hundreds of farm families, a swing of a few cents in the price of a bushel of corn or soybeans can mean the difference between putting money away for a child’s education and keeping food on the table. The line between success and subsistence can be painfully thin.

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Union Tap Room features local brews and science

1869 Tap Room in Union

The 1869 Tap Room, located east of Pappy’s Sweet Shop in the Purdue Memorial Union, opened in the fall of 2016 for evening hours and on home football weekends. It provides a social space where faculty and staff, patrons at the Union Club Hotel, and alumni and friends visiting campus can gather.

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