Snapshots of Indiana Lakes & Reservoirs

Lakes and reservoirs included in this assessment started and ended the water year at roughly the same water levels. Lake Maxinkuckee [4] and Pike Lake [5] reached peak levels in February. Heron Lake [3] peaked at the start of May, while the Eagle Creek Reservoir [1] peaked first in late March, and again in June. Lake levels dropped from May through September except for Eagle Creek Reservoir, which maintained high water levels through mid-September.

NOTE: Reservoir and lake water levels supplied by the USGS do not include long-term median levels so no comparison statistics are available.

Source: USGS Lakes and Reservoirs


Lakes / Reservoirs

Kankakee River (Shelby) Surface Water Snapshot

Tippecanoe River (Ora) Surface Water Snapshot

St. Joseph River (Elkhart) Surface Water Snapshot

Wabash River (Lafayette) Surface Water Snapshot

Wabash River (Mt. Carmel) Surface Water Snapshot