Water Year Summary

Water year 2022 ended with drier than normal surface water conditions in much of the state (40.5% of stations were at or below the 25th percentile). Dry conditions were especially prevalent along the Wabash River corridor. Groundwater resources also ended the year drier than normal (38.7% of monitoring wells at or below the 25th percentile) especially in the northwest and along the Wabash River.

Overall, climatic changes are increasing annual precipitation, leading to increases in average annual surface water supply. Short-term drought is, however, still a concern with 44% percent of the state experiencing moderate drought conditions the week of July 14th. Conditions improved some in late-July and August but dry conditions returned in September. Fall has continuted to be dry but it is still anticipated that state water resources will refill before planting starts in the spring. Use the page links to further explore these patterns.