Interim Director of the Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability (CFDAS) and professor of agricultural economics
Provide strategic direction, cultivate internal and external relationships
Rick Evans
Senior Manager
Lead day-to-day operations, manage staff, coordinate activities, manage and execute sponsored program projects, ensure timely execution of deliverables, manage budget and expand resources
Annapurni Subramaniam
Research Data Analyst and Visualization Specialist
Design, develop, and maintain online dashboards
Ahmad Zia Wahdat
Lead Research Economist
Lead research projects, contribute to research grants, surveys, and data analytics.
Jinho Jung
Provide data analytic support for research projects, write grants, research reports, and journal articles
Ashvini Malshe
Communication Specialist
Write, edit, produce multimedia, create social media and web content, and generate promotional materials
Miyeon Son
Construct mathematical and economic model for research projects, write grants, research reports, and journal articles
Caitlinn Hubbell
Market Research Analyst
Conduct market research and write reports on market trends and competitive analysis
Gustavo Valencia
Lead Research Data Analyst
Lead data initiatives that support research which seek to increase and promote researchers' ability to steward, integrate, and analyze data in repeatable ways that lead to re-produceable research results
Elijah Bryant
Survey Research Analyst
Responsible for achieving research objectives through the creation, administration, dissemination, analysis, and communication of surveys