March 2023

An illustration of a fast food counter and restaurant with the words "DINE IN and DASH!"

Casual Dining & Food Delivery Trends in the U.S.

Consumer spending at casual dining restaurant chains and food delivery companies experienced a dramatic rise during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using credit and debit card transaction data from the firm Facteus, we’ve got the numbers on how consumers across the U.S. have dined in and dashed food from various merchants over the past three years. Order up!

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November 2022

Illustrative graphic of Thanksgiving food

The Cost of a Thanksgiving Meal State by State

What will you pay this Turkey Day? Rising food costs have many consumers wondering how much of their budget the grocery bill will gobble up this Thanksgiving. We’ve got the cost of a 12-person meal across the U.S., highlighting the most expensive and affordable states.

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October 2022

An image of a cheeseburger and the word STACKED

How the Cost of a Burger Stacks Up in Every State

Everybody loves a burger! They are sizzling on grills across the U.S. this National Cheeseburger Day and all year round. But those living on the coasts will pay a premium to cook their burgers at home.

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