Purdue Agriculture launches interactive dashboard to track meat sentiment in news and social media

Purdue University’s Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability has added a meat sentiment dashboard to its roster of free-access food system dashboards. The new dashboard, updated weekly, shows the sentiment and volume of meat and meat alternative mentions in…

Fourth of July spreads didn’t shrink, but consumers are hitting their limits with higher food prices

For most Americans, higher prices at the grocery store did not impact their Fourth of July cookout, but more consumers are looking for sales and switching to generics, according to the Consumer Food Insights Report.

The generational divide shows in our food system, too

Gen Z households are struggling more to put food on the table compared to those of Millennials, Gen X and Boomers, according to the Consumer Food Insights report.

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Report shows differences in food insecurity, sustainable food purchasing between racial and ethnic groups

Purdue’s Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability’s May Consumer Food Insights Report reveals Black and Hispanic consumers are somewhat more likely to check food labels and much more likely to face food insecurity.

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Urban-rural food satisfaction, food security gaps show in new report

People living in urban and rural areas share many of the same concerns about food prices and availability – including the impact of recent bird flu outbreaks. However, differences remain in food insecurity and diet satisfaction, according to the monthly Consumer…

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Policy opinions revealed in Consumer Food Insights Report

As the U.S. House Committee on Agriculture reviews the Farm Bill, consumers shared their opinions on food and agriculture policy in a new survey. The third Consumer Food Insights Report from Purdue University offers insights into the popularity of specific policies and how…

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Consumer Food Insights Report details consumer reaction to inflation

Consumers are managing inflation in food prices for now, but their expectations to experience future inflation increased from last month, according to this month’s Consumer Food Insights Report from Purdue University. The survey-based report out of Purdue University’s Center for Food Demand…

New report provides insight on consumer food spending, satisfaction, sustainability

The Consumer Food Insights Report, a new monthly report identifying trends and changes in consumer food purchases and preferences, has been released. The survey-based report out of Purdue University’s Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability assesses food security and spending, consumer satisfaction…

Purdue research strengthens soybean’s potential in the plant-based protein market

A though most of the world’s soybean crop is fed to animals, a Purdue plant breeder thinks that soybean’s complete protein — it contains all eight amino acids essential for human health — makes it the logical choice for the…

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Dashboard shows ‘Achilles’ heel’ of food supply chain

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Bare shelves this holiday season highlight shortages and show how vulnerable the supply chain can be to disruptions. We know a sick baker can’t make bread, but what if something happens to the people and supplies…