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October Consumer Food Insights Report highlights Thanksgiving meal plans

Nearly eight in 10 Americans will celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday with a special meal, according to the October 2023 Consumer Food Insights Report.

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Purdue survey delves into brand-name food and beverage preferences of consumers

Most consumers would choose brand-name beverages over generic or store-brand beverages, according to the September 2023 Consumer Food Insights Report.

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Survey reveals influences of political ideology on consumer food perceptions

Consumers generally remain more optimistic about food prices compared to a year ago.

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Majority of Americans report high rate of food satisfaction

Consumers who report they are most satisfied with their food consumption also spend the lowest share of their incomes on food, according to the July 2023 Consumer Food Insights Report.

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Food insecurity rate hits 17% for the second time in 18 months

Reported food insecurity has reached 17%, matching the rate last reached in March 2022, according to the June Consumer Food Insights Report.

Climb in consumer food spending signals continued inflationary pressure

Reported food spending has increased to its highest level since the Consumer Food Insights Report began surveying in January 2022, possibly leaving consumers feeling little relief from inflation.

Purdue April Consumer Food Insights report explores role of dollar stores in food landscape

A market for an expanded grocery selection at dollar stores potentially exists, especially with consumers who live less than 10 minutes away, according to data reported in the April Consumer Food Insights report.

Food survey: Consumers trust and value product labels

Americans tend to trust food labels, especially the ingredient list, expiration date and nutrition fact label, according to the March Consumer Food Insights Report.

Americans planning frugal uses for their 2023 tax refunds

Americans likely are receiving smaller tax refunds than they have in recent years, and most people will not be going out to spend this money, according to the February 2023 Consumer Food Insights Report.