Consumers report significant rise in diet satisfaction since January

The share of consumers who indicated they are either “rather happy” or “very happy” with their diets rose from 81% in January 2024 to 87% last month, according to the April 2024 Consumer Food Insights Report.

lab grown meat

Survey tallies consumer attitudes toward lab-grown meat alternatives

Many consumers view conventional meats as both tastier and healthier than laboratory-grown alternatives, according to the March Consumer Food Insights Report.

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Most consumers continue to expect rising food prices

Most U.S. consumers surveyed in February 2024 predicted that they would see an increase in food prices over the next 12 months.

New year brought increased consumer interest in food and nutrition resolutions

Food or nutrition-related New Year’s resolutions were more popular among consumers going into 2024 compared to last year, according to the January Consumer Food Insights Report.

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Year-end survey spotlights food safety, age-related consumer behavior, out-of-stock trends

Building off the previous month’s survey, the December 2023 Consumer Food Insights Report digs deeper into the relationships between food date labels and the decision to discard food.

Consumers grapple with confusion over food-date labels

The use of food-date labels such as “use-by” and “best if used by” causes consumer confusion that results in many Americans discarding food that is safe to eat or donate, according to the November 2023 Consumer Food Insights Report.

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October Consumer Food Insights Report highlights Thanksgiving meal plans

Nearly eight in 10 Americans will celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday with a special meal, according to the October 2023 Consumer Food Insights Report.

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Purdue survey delves into brand-name food and beverage preferences of consumers

Most consumers would choose brand-name beverages over generic or store-brand beverages, according to the September 2023 Consumer Food Insights Report.

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Survey reveals influences of political ideology on consumer food perceptions

Consumers generally remain more optimistic about food prices compared to a year ago.