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Consumer risk attitudes and risk perceptions influence food safety

This month's authors discuss consumer risk attitudes, risk perceptions and food safety.
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Consumers plan for diet changes in the new year

Caitlinn Hubbell and Eli Bryant discuss anticipated consumer plans to change food and nutrition habits in 2024.
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Looking backward to look forward: Food prices in 2024

Joseph Balagtas and Caitlinn Hubbell revisit last month's topic of economic gloom and predict food prices over the next year and the potential impact on American wallets.
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Economic gloom: Making sense of the confusion over the state of the economy

Joseph Balagtas, director of CFDAS and professor of agricultural economics at Purdue, discusses food inflation trends and resulting consumer sentiments.

Egg prices: The data tell the story

The Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability (CFDAS) has built a new data dashboard that will help consumers, the egg and food industries and policy makers track the performance of the egg market.