The Egg Prices dashboard is part of a continuing project that the Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability (CFDAS) is developing with daily consumer food price statistics with web-scraped data (since September 2022). This project ranges from the collection and manipulation of web-scraped data to the development and publication of high-frequency consumer food price statistics for more detailed varieties of food items using such web-scraped data from online grocery stores. 

The dashboard displays daily price changes and trends (since September 2022) for different types of eggs. The dashboard can assist users to understand how prices are changing for five different types of eggs – grade A and large size.  

Another key aspect of this dashboard is time dimensionality. Users can select the date range to see the time trend during a selected period of time. The average Price by State is displayed on the map. The table to the right displays the Top Prices by Type and State.  

The second tab reflects the inflation adjusted prices for the specified date and egg types using the BLS CPI monthly index. 


Users can select one (or multiple) egg types for customized information. Users can also select the start date and end date to see all the visuals reflecting the selection. The two tabs are for egg prices and inflation-adjusted prices. The time trend in the inflation-adjusted prices tab shows the monthly inflation prices adjusted by the BLS CPI index. 


Date: Data available from 9/1/2022 to current date

Egg Types: Cage-Free, Conventional, Free-Range, Organic, Pasture-Raised

Price for State: Average Price by Date, Type and State


CFDAS and Octoparse (daily price data) collaborating for collecting grocery item information; U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for CPI data from 2010 to the current month-year (subject to CPI data release) to adjust for inflation.


The Center for Food Demand Analysis & Sustainability (CFDAS) at Purdue University and the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University. 


Jinho Jung, Annapurni Subramaniam, Joseph Balagtas

September 27, 2023

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