This dashboard explores the sentiment and volume of #Meat mentions on social media and through the news. The types of meat analyzed are beef, pork, poultry and plant-based alternatives. The data spans from April 2020 to the latest collected week. The Volume by Year measures the mentions per 10,000 people. The sentiment is displayed by state on the map. The color of the sentiment ranges from 100 as positive (green), 0 as neutral (white) and -100 as negative (red). The bottom chart displays the sentiment and volume per week for the selected year, source and type of meat.


You can sort by year, source (social media or news) or type of meat. Based on the selection, you can visualize how people are feeling about the types of meat across social media and the news, as well as the volume of mentions across those sources. Click on a single state on the map to see the number of mentions and sentiment by week. Deselect by clicking again on the same state. By hovering over each state, you will see its overall sentiment score. Selecting a single state in the Volume by Year table will also show its sentiment. The color of the map is based on the sentiment value from green meaning positive (100) to white meaning neutral and red meaning negative (-100). The total volume for a selected time period and source is displayed on the right. The View by Year fields automatically display the visual by year selected across both sources and is in sync with the bottom trend visual.


Source: Social, News

Meat types: Beef, plant-based meat alternatives, pork, poultry

Sentiment in Map: Represented in color from green to red: positive (100) to negative (-100). Average sentiment per state.

Volume by Year: Mentions per 10,000 people = (Divide the average by volume per state by the population of each state)

Sentiment by Week: Sentiment for the selected year, source and meat type.

Volume by Week: Volume for the selected year, source and meat type.

View by Year: View all the visuals selected per year.


NetBase Solutions, Inc., U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division, December 2021


Nicole Widmar, Jinho Jung, Annapurni Subramaniam, and Jayson Lusk

July 25, 2022

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