grant site asset factory how-to

Cascade makes it easy for any content creator (that's you) to add content to a College of Agriculture Department site (not Extension users). For example, a professor may want undergraduates or graduates to establish a site for their research in The College.

Use this grant site Asset Factory how-to as a guide to help you quickly and easily add a new grant site. This grant site asset factory contains:


  • Login to Cascade
  • Choose Ag or Extension as your site in the upper left corner
  • Click through to your /department folder and find a good location for your grant site folder
  • Click Add Content > More Page Layouts Grant Site Templates > Grant Site Base Template - Start Here
    • Edit and rename this folder so that it matches your grant information (SEO prefers full names over acronyms, for example: doctor-jones-name-me-grant)
    • Double-check your /department folder placement
    • Set your breadcrumbs name (think short, example: grant-program-name)
    • Set your tab title (think even shorter, example: page-name)
    • Click submit

You now have a basic grant site that you can now rename, edit, and add other page templates too.

  • Click Add Content > More Page Layouts Grant Site Templates >
  • Choose one of the page template options
  • Double-check your /department page folder placement
  • Set your page breadcrumbs name (think short, example: grant-page-name)
  • Set your tab title (think even shorter, example: page-name)
  • Click submit


Q: Who can use this grant site asset factory?
A: Anyone in Cascade can use these grant templates. Just add it to your site and adjust the page names, page body text, titles, breadcrumbs, and generic placeholder headings to meet your content needs.

Q: Is there a College of Agriculture lab site asset factory?
A: Yes. Learn more here.

Q: Can I move and rename my site?
A: Yes. As you can any asset in Cascade, you can rename and move assets including a whole folder. Learn more here.

Q: What other block sections can I use on a page?
A: This block guide and reference contains all the info you need to learn more about the block sections you can add to a page.

Q: Can I add news posts to a page?
A: Follow this guide for adding news posts. Creating a unique news tag will be essential to locating and pulling these posts to a page with a news block. Learn more about news blocks here.

Q: Is there a tool to help me collect and draft content for my grant site?
A: Yes. Agriculture Communications has created this simple content collector document which can be helpful for drafting content for any page.