The Department of Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication is committed to the scholarship of learning and communication in the context of agriculture, food, and natural resources to prepare stakeholders for careers and life in our changing world.

ASEC faculty develop and study science-based processes for engaging diverse audiences in AFNR. The teaching, research, and outreach we do share these key characteristics:

  • Pragmatic. We conduct research, teaching, and outreach with approaches that understand what is needed in the communities we work with.
  • Train the trainer. A core value in ASEC is preparing others to communicate and teach.
  • Global. Our community is global — both in the people we work with directly, and those who benefit from the outcomes of our research, teaching, and outreach programs.
  • Collaborative. We work in collaborative teams within the department, college, and university, as well as with community-based stakeholders.
  • Interdisciplinary. Our approaches to addressing AFNR issues require interdisciplinary approaches in which we can provide our expertise in learning and communication to increase the impact of research done by colleagues in technical science fields.