Finding and Using Photos for Your Presentation

It's time to create a PowerPoint for your presentation and you want to add some images to make your slides unique and appealing. Where should you look for photos and graphics? According to U.S. copyright law, all images on the Internet are the property of the artist who created them, and the artist’s permission is needed when using his/her image in your slide. Fortunately, there are numerous resources available where photographers and graphic designers have already given permission for their work to be used.

The following websites have available photo galleries that contain images that are public domain and free to use. Keep in mind that some images may be copyrighted. Be sure to read the disclaimers on each before using these images.

Flickr has a section on their website called "Creative Commons" that offers photos for public use. Artists usually have some simple conditions for using their photos. Carefully read the right side bar on the page to understand how to properly use the photo.

Personal Images. You are also free to use your personal images in your presentation.

DO NOT take images taken from a Google search, Tumblr, Wikipedia, Pinterest, a blog, etc. Also, do not use the work of a family member or friend without asking their permission. When you submit your reference page (as a Word document), along with your presentation, be sure to include a image reference page that lists every slide and the source(s) of the image(s) on that page. For example:

Slide 1: Photo by Jim Smith, father

Slide 2: Photo by Ian Lucero, from Flickr Creative Commons

Slide 3: Image from USDA Agricultural Research Service

View a sample reference page.