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The PPDL could not provide the range of services we offer without the diagnostic expertise provided by specialists in other departments. As in past years, faculty and staff from the Departments of Botany & Plant Pathology, Agronomy, Entomology, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture, and Forestry & Natural Resources very generously assisted with providing problem diagnoses involving their specialties. The PPDL team provides an ongoing point of connection between county-based Extension educators, the public and Extension specialists on campus; facilitating knowledge exchange and information about trends in lab samples to promote more informed recommendations for disease and pest management.

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Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory
Purdue University
915 Mitch Daniels Boulevard, LSPS 116
West Lafayette IN 47907-2054
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Tom Creswell

Tom C. Creswell

Botany and Plant Pathology
Clinical Engagement Professor, PPDL

Office: LSPS 116

As Director of the Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory (PPDL), I am responsible for overseeing daily operations and administration of the lab. The PPDL is an interdisciplinary lab, taking advantage of technical expertise from several departments in the College of Agriculture to provide diagnostic and identification services to our clients. Our lab serves as the state laboratory for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR).

John Bonkowski

John Bonkowski

Botany and Plant Pathology
Plant Disease Diagnostician

Office: LSPS 110

Tina Garwood

Tina Garwood

Botany and Plant Pathology

Office: LSPS 116


Your generous contributions help us provide opportunities for students in the lab, training for County Extension agents, and support our work as part of the Research, Teaching, and Engagement missions of Purdue University.


Botany and Plant PatholoGy

  • Janna Beckerman: Commercial ornamental problems, chemical control questions
  • Dan Egel: Vegetable pathology (SWPAC)
  • Lee Miller: Epidemiology and management of turfgrass diseases
  • Darcy Telenko: Disease management practices for agronomic crops
  • Marcello Zimmer: Agronomic weed identification and control; diagnosis of herbicide injury on field crops

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