Dean's Scholars Current Students

Congratulations on being a part of the Dean’s Scholars Program!  Dean's Scholars students take honors coursework, complete an undergraduate honors thesis or scholarly project, present their projects in a public forum and participate in exclusive Dean’s Scholars events with distinguished faculty and staff from the College.

Here’s what you need to know:

To complete the Dean's Scholars program, students will work with the following individuals to determine their plans of study and timeline to fulfill all requirements.  

  • Academic Advisors assist students in enrolling and completing the required 12 credit hours of honors coursework.  
  • Faculty research or project mentors assist students with their honors undergraduate research or scholarly projects. 
  • Program Advisor tracks students' participation and personal reflections from attending at least 8 Dean's Scholars events over the course of their undergraduate career and ensures the public presentation of their research or scholarly project for the College.  


  • Dean’s Scholars Seminar & Learning Community
    • AGR 29000-H01 – Dean’s Scholars Seminar – one-credit hour fall-semester seminar required for all first-time beginning students accepted into the Dean’s Scholars program
    • Participation in the Ag Dean’s Scholars Learning Community
  • 12 credit hours of honors coursework 
    • HONR, –H courses or contracted honors coursework
  • Honors undergraduate research or scholarly project 
    • Offered through student’s home department, the College or interdisciplinary research or scholarly work; summer research programs may fulfill this requirement; fulfills requirements for Honors College honors research or scholarly project
  • Public presentation of research or scholarly project 
    • Recommended presentation at one of the Purdue Undergraduate Research Conferences held each semester by the Office of Undergraduate Research
  • Written reflections of 8 attended Dean’s Scholars events throughout undergraduate career
    • Dean’s Scholars events are hosted each semester in addition to many College and University-eligible events that count once written reflections are submitted
    • All learning community events offered during student’s first semester in the program count as Dean’s Scholars events once the written reflections are submitted
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