Discover first-hand how research contributes to the advancement of human knowledge. Experience a change of pace from formal classroom studies and gain skills applicable to graduate and professional schools and future careers. Studies show that students who engage in research are more likely to graduate, more likely to go on to graduate school, and have more successful careers after graduation.

The College of Agriculture provides many opportunities for undergraduate students to work in labs and in the field, actively playing a role in the research process. Each opportunity may have different requirements, funding, and outcomes. Research experiences may include honors research, special projects, scholarly work and summer research programs. While we encourage students to engage in research opportunities in the College, research can be performed campus-wide, in collaboration with another institution or study abroad experience, through foundations and non-profit organizations, industry partners and personal contacts. Seek out the options that work best for your goals.


If you are interested in performing research, learn more about the options below.

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