COVID-19: Global Food Safety Task Force

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Project Description

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the food industry into uncharted territory, driving it to confront a new set of challenges, including facility shutdowns and overall supply chain disruptions. Protecting the food industry workforce through policies to reduce person-to-person transmission and new technical, organizational, and personnel procedures to manage the risks associated with COVID-19 is essential for a secure and safe food supply.

This project, led by Martin Wiedmann of Cornell University, is creating and mentoring an international task force to advise the food industry in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Kenya, Nepal, and Senegal. Task force members are working the Cornell Institute for Food Safety to customize and translate COVID-19 resources for the food industry in their countries and delivering concise, science-based messaging on COVID-19. In addition, they are providing guidance on mitigation strategies through Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) videos and food industry office hours.

The task force is providing a rapid response to food system challenges and strengthening food security during the coronavirus pandemic. In the long term, the project’s network of experts and its scalable approach can be mobilized to address future pandemics or natural disasters which threaten the food systems in these countries.