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2023 News


Photo of Mel Hasler

Student Profile: Mel Hasler

Photo of Alexandra Carter

Student Profile: Alexander Carter


Krystal Hans shows off her insect jewelry

Visionaries: Researcher helps crack cases and bring closure to families

Krystal Hans in her lab

Visionaries: Students help researcher keep forensics lab running

Janna Beckerman in an apple orchard

Visionaries: A lot of little science done well

Janna Beckerman

Visionaries: Effective management keeps farmers in business

Steve Hallett

Visionaries: Professor promotes the value of hands-on learning

Janna Beckerman in her office

Visionaries: Liberal arts are what make us human


Left to right Hannah Kerkhof, Madison Powell, Allison Lund, and Helen Eaglin

2023 Outstanding Undergraduate Students

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