College of Agriculture Transformational Experiences

Experience Purdue AgricultureCollege of Agriculture Transformational Experiences, or CATE for short, are those experiences primarily outside the classroom designed to improve graduation and retention rates, improve student engagement and satisfaction, and prepare students for life after college. These experiences help students to not only realize their potential and foster personal development, but help them determine their place in a global environment. Transformational experiences are also commonly known as co-curricular activities or high-impact practices.

In the College of Agriculture, students are provided a myriad of ways to be involved outside of the classroom, designed to improve skills related to leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, and cultural issues to name a few. These experiences have designed learning outcomes to help prepare students for life after college whether it is continuing their education or joining the workforce. This skill improvement helps them to standout in the crowded global economy and reach their full potential.

Under the umbrella of CATE, the College of Agriculture offers students a wide variety of experiences, clubs, programs, and other opportunities to participate in. Through these life-changing experiences students are impacted on both their professional and personal development.

This list of transformational experiences in the college is limitless. Here is a brief list of programs, organizations, projects, and experiences which best represent CATE:

College Level:

Department Level:

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Agricultural Economics


Animal Sciences


Botany and Plant Pathology


Food Science

Forestry and Natural Resources

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Youth Development and Agricultural Education

More information coming soon:

  • Learning from Leaders
  • Carroll County Initiative

This is  a small overview of what the college offers to our students. Individual departments offer additional transformational experiences for students as well.