Question of the Month Archive

Each month the Purdue Institute for Family Business asks a question related to running a family business. The results are displayed below with an explanation of how these topics can have an impact on small businesses.


2022 Questions of the Month

November 2022 Results: Community Support for Businesses

October 2022 Results: Annual Growth Rate and Succession

September 2022 Results: Remote Working/Working from Home

August 2022 Results: Inheriting the Business

June/July 2022 Results: Risk Tolerance

May 2022 Results: Generations Discussing Business Goals

April 2022 Results​: Benefits for Yourself and Employees as a Family Business Owner

March 2022 Results​: Need and Availability of Eldercare and Childcare

February 2022 Results​: Health care access and ways to improve access

January 2022/December 2021 Results​: Do you have health insurance?