Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication Strategic Plan

Download the Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication Strategic Plan for 2016-2021
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GOAL 3: Engage Communities for Social Impact

Engage with youth and adults to facilitate expansion of human capacity and programs in AFNR education and science communication to meet socially impactful community needs.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Create innovative, multi-disciplinary, educational programming for diverse audiences, using evidence-based discoveries to address STEM-related issues relevant to Indiana and beyond.
  • Assess, research, and create appropriate engagement and delivery systems tailored to specific and diverse audiences seeking to understand STEM applications.
  • Seize new opportunities to promote effective access and use of science-based resources and programs that better engage stakeholders and address societal challenges and inform social
  • policies and practices.
  • Strengthen partnerships among Extension and other educational entities in more accessible and seamless continuing education opportunities in AFNR and related disciplines.