Purdue University Herbaria Publications

Listed below are recent publications of Purdue University Faculty, Staff, Students, and additional collaborators that contain data generated from specimens in the Purdue University Herbaria and the Aime Lab culture collection.


Ceryngier P, Romanowski J, Van Caenegem W, Haelewaters, D. Parasitism of ladybirds by Hesperomyces in the Canary Islands. Arthropod-Plant Interactions. In press. Link

Kaishian P, Layug CRK, Anderson M, Berg DR, Aime MC. Rust HUBB: DNA barcode-based identification of Pucciniales. IMA Fungus 15:3. Link


Abbasi M, Aime MC, Yadav B, Brar GS. First report of Uromyces rumicis on Rumex crispus in Canada. Plant Disease 107(1):224. Link

Gómez-Zapata PA, Davis DD, Aime MC. Rust disease caused by Uredinopsis osmundae on balsam fir, Canaan fir, white fir, and sensitive fern reported from Pennsylvania, USA. Plant Health Progress 24(3):397–398. Link

Greatens N, Klejeski N, Szabo LJ, Jin Y, Olivera PD. First report of a rust fungus (Puccinia sp.) inflecting lemongrass in Minnesota. Plant Disease 107(7):2243. Link.

Harvey R, Davis DD, Simmons DR, Aime MC. First report of Puccinia lagenophorae on Senecio vulgaris in Pennsylvania. Plant Disease 107(8):2542. Link

Kaishian P, Davis DD, Moorman GW, Aime MC. Phragmidium rosae-multiflorae on Rosa multiflora reported from Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Plant Disease 107(2):571. Link

Raudabaugh DB, Aime MC. Culturable diversity of lichen-associated yeasts through enrichment strategies. Ecologies 4(1):152–170. Link

Xie Y, Thammavong HT, Berry LG, Huang CH, Park DS. Sex-dependent phenological responses to climage vary across species' ranges. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 120(48):e2306723120. Link


Check JC, Aime MC, Byrne JM, Chilvers MI. First report of southern rust (Puccinia polysora) on corn (Zea mays) in Michigan. Plant Disease 106(8):2262. Link

Díaz-Valderrama JR, Zambrano R, Cedeño-Amador S, Córdova-Bermejo U, Casas GG, García-Zurita N, Sánchez-Arévalo JAJ, Arévalo-Gardini E, Dávila D, Ruiz J, Pinchi-Dávila X, Quispe-Chacón ZR, Chia-Wong JA, Hurtado-Gonzales OP, Rodríguez-Callañaupa CA, Maldonado-Fuentes C, Pérez-Callizaya E, Leiva-Espinoza S, Oliva-Cruz M, Guevara-Ruiz DM, Torres-Rojas E, Johnson E, Phillips-Mora W, Aime MC. Diversity in the invasive cacao pathogen Moniliophthora roreri is shaped by agriculture. Plant Pathology 71(8):1721–1734. Link

Fatemi S, Haelewaters D, Urbina H, Brown S, Houston ML, Aime MC. Sporobolomyces lactucae sp. nov. (Pucciniomycotina, Microbotryomycetes, Sporidiobolales): an abundant component of romaine lettuce phylloplanes. Journal of Fungi 8(3):302. Link

Gómez-Zapata PA, Smith ME, Frank MS, Aime MC. First report of Pucciniastrum boehmeriae in North America, causing rust disease in bog hemp. Plant Health Progress 23:476–477. Link

Haelewaters D, Stallman JK, Henkel TW, Aime MC. Molecular phylogenetic analyses and micromorphology reveal placement of the enigmatic tropical discomycete Polydiscidium in Sclerococcum (Sclerococcales, Eurotiomycetes). Mycologia 114(3):626–641. Link

Kaishian P, Creswell T, Bonkowski J, Aime MC. First report of smoketree rust, caused by Pileolaria cotini-coggygriae, in the Midwst USA. Plant Health Progress, First Look. Link

Koch Bach RA, Brann M, Aime MC. Viability of fungal rhizomorphs used in bird nest construction in tropical rainforests. Symbiosis 87:175–179. Link

Trigiano RN, Boggess SL, Odoi M, Hadziabdic D, Bernard EC, Aime MC. First report of Coleosporium helianthi infecting Helianthus verticillatus (whorled sunflower) in the United States. Plant Disease 106(7):1985. Link

van de Peppel LJJ, Aime MC, Læssøe T, Pedersen OS, Coimbra VRM, Kuyper TW, Stubbe D, Aanen DK, Baroni TJ. Four new genera and six new species of lyophylloid agarics (Agaricales, Basidiomycota) from three different continents. Mycological Progress 21:85. Link


Gómez-Zapata PA, Haelewaters D, Quijada L, Pfister DH, Aime MC. Notes on Trochila (Ascomycota, Leotiomycetes), with new species and combinations. MycoKeys 78:21–47. Link


Bruckart III WL, Thomas JL, Abbasi M, Aime MC, Frederick RD, Tancos MA. Uromyces rebeccae, sp. nov., a newly described rust on the federally endangered plant, California sea-blite (Suaeda californica). Mycologia 112(3):543–551. Link

Haelewaters D, Toome-Heller M, Aime MC. Red yeasts from leaf surfaces and other habitats: three new species and a new combination of Symmetrospora (Pucciniomycotina, Cystobasidiomycetes). Fungal Systematics and Evolution 5(1):187–196. Link

Largent DL, Henkel TW, Koch RA, Sene O, Hageman KM, Aime MC. New species of Entolomataceae from Cameroon. Fungal Systematics and Evolution 5(1):151–168. Link


Aime MC, Rossman AY, Ono Y, Castlebury LA. (2689-2690) Proposals to conserve the names Phakopsora pachyrhizi against Uredo erythrinae and U. sojae (Malupa sojae) and Physopella meibomiae (Phakopsora meibomiae) against Aecidium crotalariicola, U. teramni, and U. vignae (M. vignae) (Basidiomycota, Pucciniales). Taxon 68(3):593–594. Link

Jumbam B, Haelewaters D, Koch RA, Dentinger BTM, Henkel TW, Aime MC. A new and unusual species of Hericium (Basidiomycota: Russulales, Hericiaceae) from the Dja Biosphere Reserve, Cameroon. Mycological Progress 18:1253–1262. Link

Otálora MAG, Berndt R. The new species Puccinia telimutans causes Mexican potato rust disease of wild potatoes and shows a unique telial metamorphosis. Mycologia 111(2):260–264. Link

Parra PP, Aime MC. New species of Bannoa described from the tropics and the first report of the genus in South America. Mycologia 111(6):953–964. Link

Pisani C, Patel PC, Rosskopf EN, Abbasi M, Aime MC. First report of downy mildew caused by Plasmopara halstedii on Ageratum houstonianum in the United States. Plant Disease 103(11):2968. Link


Aime MC, Abbasi M. Puccinia modiolae in North America: distribution and natural host range. MycoKeys 39:63–73. Link

Aime MC, Kijpornyongpan T, Abbasi M, Wood KR, Flynn T. A new species of Cintractiella (Ustilaginales) from the volcanic island of Kosrae, Caroline Islands, Micronesia. MycoKeys 41:1–6. Link

Davis DD, Harvey RJ, Aime MC. New records of rust disease caused by Uromyces halstedii in North America. Plant Disease 102(11):2382. Link

Kenaley SC, Quan M, Aime MC, Bergstrom GC. New insight into the species diversity and life cycles of rust fungi (Pucciniales) affecting bioenergy switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) in the Eastern and Central United States. Mycological Progress 17:1251–1267. Link

McTaggart AR, Aime MC. The species of Coleosporium (Pucciniales) on Solidago in North America. Fungal Biology 122(8):800–809. Link

Mohali SR, Aime MC. First report of gladiolus rust caused by Uromyces transversalis in Merida, Venezuela. Plant Disease 102(2):444–445. Link

Otálora, MAG, Berndt R. A taxonomica revision of the genus Puccinia on Lycieae, a tribe of Solanaceae. Mycologia 110(4):692–709. Link


Guzmán-Dávalos L, Pradeep CK, Vrina KB, Kumar AM, Ramírez-Cruz V, Herrera M, Villalobos-Arámbula AR, Soytong K, Baroni TJ, Aime MC. A new stipitate species of Crepidotus from India and Thailand, with notes on other tropical species. Mycologia 109(5):804–814. Link


Abbasi M, Aime MC. Records of rust caused by Tranzschelia mexicana on black cherry (Prunus serotina) in the United States. Plant Disease 100(2):523. Link

Abbasi M, Aime MC. Two new Puccinia species on Melica (Poaceae) from USA. Mycotaxon 131(1):247–253. Link

Abbasi M, Klimek JF, Aime MC. First report of rust disease caused by Puccinia liliacearum on Ornithogalum umbellatum from Indiana and Maryland with notes on the spread of the rust fungus in the United States. Plant Disease 100(10):2169. Link


Ploetz RC, Palmateer AJ, Lopez P, Aime MC. First report of rust caused by Puccinia nakanishikii on lemongrass, Cymbopogon citratus, in Florida. Plant Disease 98(1):156. Link

Wilson AW, Aime MC. The rost rust fungus, Phragmidium tuberculatum, is widespread in the Americas: first reports from California, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Honduras. Plant Disease 98(11):1581. Link

Wilson AW, Beckerman JL, Aime MC. First report of the white pine blister rust fungus, Cronartium ribicola, on Ribes odoratum in Indiana. Plant Disease 98(2):277. Link