Depending on the pesticide category, applicants requiring Indiana certification have three options. Option 1 are eLearning courses that provide online instruction from speakers with practical experience augmented by photographs, videos and activities. Option 2 is where the applicant self-studies with the training manual. Option 3 is classroom training sessions conducted by experienced instructors going over the materials in the training manuals.

No matter what method is selected to study and prepare, certification exams must be taken at Metro Institute’s remote sites.


eLearning exam prep Courses SELF-STUDY TRAINING MANUALS

 INperson exam prep training

Registered Technician Training

A Registered Technician can make applications of general use pesticides for-hire under the off-site supervision of a commercial certified applicator. To become a Registered Technician the person must be at least 18 years old and have completed one of the mandatory training options.


Category 7b Termite Control Brochure

The Category 7b Termite Control workshop is a two-day, hands-on program designed to introduce termite control operators to the fundamentals of wood destroying pest identification and biology, pest inspection and reporting, treatment techniques on common foundation types, and the use and calibration of application equipment. Participation in the workshop is a one-time only requirement for all for-hire, termite control operators.


Pest Management and Lawn Maintenance Brochure

To assist lawn care operators, PPP offers a two-day workshop twice a year. This hands-on program introduces the fundamentals of turfgrass growth, fertility, and weed management, and the use and calibration of application equipment. The workshop is optional, but attendees find it highly relevant and beneficial to their lawn care operations.