COMMERCIAL APPLICATORS -  Registered Technician Training

hands of person with globes

A Registered Technician can make applications of general use pesticides for-hire under the off-site supervision of a commercial certified applicator. Registered Technicians cannot apply restricted use pesticides. Minimum age is 18 years old.

To become a Registered Technician the person must complete ONE of the following mandatory training options:

1. Attend In-Person Registered Technician Training

 2. Complete Registered Technician E-Learning

3. Complete ELearning course: Worker Protection Standard (WPS) for Pesticide Handlers (English translation) 

a. ELearning course Worker Protection Standard (WPS) for Pesticide Handlers (Spanish translation) 

4. Complete ELearning course: Pesticide Safety Training for Non-Certified Applicators Using Restricted Use Pesticides at Non-Agricultural Sites (English translation) 

 5. Attend In-Person Core Exam Prep Training

 6. Complete Core E-Learning Training

 7. Pass the Pesticide Core Exam. The Training manual can be purchased here  


A certification exam is not required, but is an option.

After completing one of the above options to become a Registered Technician, notify the Office of the Indiana State Chemist by following these instructions:

  • Send an email to OISC at, containing the following information:
    1. Business name
    2. Name of the individual
    3. A statement from the individual verifying that they have met the requirement.
    4. A statement that an application for credentials will be submitted within five (5) days. The Application for Credentials can be found here.