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Title Publication Number Mobile PPT Video Print Copy Price
Actions That Tarnish An Industry PPP-148 View $5.50
A Soybean Postemergence Herbicide Failed to Perform, Is Retreatment Warranted? PPP-147 View $5.50
Avoid Costly, Harmful, and Illegal Pesticide Purchases PPP-146 View $5.50
Choosing and Applying Lubricating Grease PPP-145 View $5.50
Calibrating for a Liquid Termiticide Application-Protecting Homes and Memories PPP-144 View $5.50
Is This Pesticide On My Shelf Still Good? Warranties, Expiration Dates, and Strategies to Maximize Product Stability PPP-142 View $5.50
Selecting The Right Tank for Micronutrients PPP-141 View $5.50
Anhydrous Ammonia Understanding, Avoiding and mediating Inherent Risks PPP-140 View $5.50
Protecting Honey Bees from Area-wide Insecticide Applications PPP-139 View $1.00
A Template for Your Wildlife Management Plan PPP-138/FNR-617-W Free digital download
Pesticide Minibulks Filling, Maintenance, Containment PPP-136 View $5.50
Railroad Crossings Stop, Look, Stay Alive PPP-135 View View $5.50
Protect Your Trailers and Contents from Theft PPP-134 View $5.50
Understanding the Revised Worker Protection Standard: What Employers and Others Need to Know PPP-131 $1.00
Responding to and Collecting Information at the Crash Site Bookmark PPP-130 Free digital download
Managing Your Woods for White-Tailed Deer PPP-129 Free digital download
Learning from Truck and Equipment Collisions PPP-127 View View $5.50
Differentiating 2,4-D and Dicamba Injury on Soybeans PPP-126/WS-56 $5.50
Engine Oils and Their Filters: Understanding Oil Lubrication and Contamination Control PPP-124 View $5.50
Avoiding Tank Mixing Errors PPP-122 View View $5.50
Preparing Spray Equipment for Winter Storage and Spring Startup PPP-121 View $5.50
Youth Pollinator Package – What’s Included in the Box (Info Card)
Youth Pollinator Package – Pollinators are More Than Just Honey Bees (Poster)
Youth Pollinator Package – Insects Made My Sundae (Poster)
Youth Pollinator Package – Bee Part of the Buzz (Bookmark)
Youth Pollinator Package – Bee Part of the Buzz (Coloring Sheet)
PPP-120 $5.50
The Complex Life of the Honey Bee PPP-116/POL-9 View 1. Your Landscape Choices
2. Pollinator's Future
3. Knocking Out Our Pollinators
4. Pollinators and Your Dinner
Steel Tanks For Storing and Transporting Pesticides and Fertilizers​ PPP-105 $5.50
Calibrating Ride-on Pesticide Sprayers and Fertilizer Spreaders Keys to Application Accuracy PPP-104 $5.50
Safety Tips for Sprayers on the Road-poster PPP-118 $5.50 pkg 25
Keep the Spray Rig on the Road and Out of Trouble PPP-117 View $5.50
Engenia®, Xtendimax®, And FeXapa® Application Quick Guide and Required Records for Applications PPP-119 View Free digital download
Understanding the Horse Trailer Rig: Steps for Transporting Horses Safely on the Highway PPP-114 $5.50
Protecting Pollintors: Tips for Commercial Agricultural Pesticide Applicators PPP-113/POL-3 View $5.50
Water Temperature and Herbicide Performance, A First Look at New Research PPP-112 View $5.50
A Farmer’s Guide to Indiana Transportation Regulations
Updates to: PPP-111
PPP-111 View $5.50
Options for Dealing with a Pesticide Drift Incident PPP-110 Free digital download
What Gardeners Should Know About Pesticides A Practical Guide for Home Use PPP-109 View $5.50
Removing Herbicide Residues from Agricultural Application Equipment PPP-108 View 1. Tank Cleaning
2. Don't Leave it Behind
Adjuvants and the Power of the Spray Droplet PPP-107 View $5.50
The Truck-Trailer Combination Vehicle
​Gooseneck Hitch Truck-Trailer Calculator
​Conventional Hitch Truck-Trailer Calculator
Fifth Wheel Truck-Trailer Calculator
PPP-106 Free digital download
Tires For the Road and Field, A Guide to Getting the Best Value and Performance​ PPP-099 View $5.50
Extracting Stuck Equipment Safely How to Avoid Expensive and Painful Incidents PPP-098 View View View $5.50
Addressing Customer Questions and Complaints The Basics Every Agricultural Retail Employee Should Know PPP-097 $5.50
Measuring Pesticides Overlooked Steps To Getting The Correct Rate PPP-096 View $5.50
The Aftermath of A Farm Truck Crash: Lawsuits, Settlements, and Court Proceedings PPP-095 $5.50
The Tractor Hitch Pin, A Critical Component in Keeping Control of Implements PPP-094 View $5.50
Fiberglass Tanks for Storage, Transport, and Application PPP-093 $5.50
Keep The Trailer Connected to The Truck PPP-092 View $5.50
Farm Truck Accidents: Considering Your Liability Management Options PPP-091 $5.50
An Agricultural Retailer’s Guide to Customer Care PPP-090 $5.50
The Selection and Inspection of Hoses PPP-089 View $5.50
Plan Today for Tomorrow’s Flood PPP-087 $5.50
The Impact of Water Quality on Pesticide Performance PPP-086 $5.50
Calibrating the Hose Reel Lawn Care Sprayer PPP-085 $5.50
Hold it Down! The Pocket Guide PPP-084 $1.00
Transporting Farm Equipment
NOTE: changes made to page 29 March, 2010​​​​
NOTE: changes made to page 45 January 2010
PPP-083 $5.50
The Making of…Effective Extension Presentations PPP-081 $5.50
Solving the Fish Kill Mystery…Questions to Ask PPP-080 $1.00
What? Killed the Fish PPP-079 $1.00
Poly Tanks For Farms and Businesses PPP-077 View $1.00
Hold it Down-Poster PPP-076 $1.00
Securing the Load: A Guide to Safe and Legal Transportation of Cargo and Equipment PPP-075 1. Hold it Down
2. Lawncare Tie Down
The Role of Pesticides in Urban Integrated Pest Management PPP-074 $1.00
Aboveground Petroleum Tanks A Pictorial Guide PPP-073 $1.00
Farm Family Exposure to Pesticides…a discussion with farm families PPP-072 $1.00
The Pesticide Marketplace, Discovering and Developing New Products PPP-071 $1.00
The Benefits of Pesticides, A Story Worth Telling PPP-070 $1.00
The Hiring Process PPP-069 $1.00
Rural Security Planning: Protecting Family, Friends, and Farm PPP-064 $1.00
Offering Sound Pest Management Advice to the Public PPP-062 $1.00
Pesticides and Fleet Vehicles PPP-058 View $1.00
Managing Farm Emergencies PPP-057 $1.00
Conflicts with Wildlife Around the Home PPP-056 $1.00
Children and Poisoning PPP-053 $1.00
Pesticides and Risk Communication PPP-052 $1.00
The Insurance Policy PPP-052 $1.00
Pesticides and Human Health Risk Assessment PPP-048 $1.00
The Quick Response Emergency Plan PPP-045 $1.00
Pesticides and Planning for Emergencies PPP-044 $1.00
Pesticides and Epidemiology PPP-043 $1.00
Pesticides and Environmental Site Assessment PPP-042 $1.00
Pesticides and Ecological Risk Assessment PPP-041 $1.00
Pesticide Toxicology, Evaluating Safety and Risk PPP-040 $1.00
Pesticide Safety and Calibration Math for the Homeowner PPP-039 $1.00
Be Prepared for Tornado Emergencies: A Retailer’s Guide to Protecting Lives, Environment, and Property PPP-150 $5.50
Pesticides and the Law PPP-036 $1.00
Pesticides and Water Quality PPP-035 $1.00
Pesticides and Wildlife PPP-030 $1.00
Pesticides and Spill Management PPP-028 View $1.00
Using Backpack Mist Blowers to Control Adult Mosquitoes PPP-149 $5.50
Overhead Power and Communication Lines- Don't get Grounded PPP-151 $5.50
Applicator Record Sheet PPP-152_b
Fillable Applicator Record Book PPP-152_a
Pesticide Applicator Record Book PPP-152_c
Extracting Stuck Equipment Safely How to Avoid Expensive and Painful Incidents- French Translation PPP-098(a) View
Agricultural Spray Nozzles - A Comprehensive Review PPP-153 $5.50