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Title Publication Number Mobile PPT Video Print Copy Price
Crop Production Recordkeeping Folder (6/pkg) PPP-018 $0.00
Annual Field Records (pocket guide) PPP-019 $1.00
Assessment of Potential Mitigation Measures for Atrazine PPP-078 $0.00
Pesticides and Personal Safety PPP-020 $1.00
Pesticides and Container Management PPP-021 $1.00
Pesticides and Food Safety PPP-022 $1.00
Pesticides and the Label PPP-024 $1.00
Pesticides and Applicator Certification PPP-025 $1.00
Pesticides and Their Proper Storage PPP-026 $1.00
Pesticides and Commercial Vehicle Maintenance PPP-027 $1.00
Pesticides and Formulation Technology PPP-031 $0.00
Pesticides and the Home, Lawn, and Garden PPP-029 $1.00
Pesticides and Community Right-to-Know PPP-032 $1.00
Pesticides and the Balancing Act PPP-033 $1.00
Pesticides and Pest Prevention Strategies for the Home, Lawn, and Garden PPP-034 $1.00
Pesticide and Material Safety Data Sheets PPP-037 $1.00
Pesticides and Personal Protective Equipment: Selection, Care, and Use PPP-038 $1.00
Lawncare Pesticide Application Equipment PPP-046 $0.00
Landscape Pesticide Application Equipment PPP-047 $0.00
Managing Farm Chemicals PPP-050 $0.00
Stay on Target: Prevent Drift PPP-051 $1.00
The Why’s and How-to’s of Pesticide Recordkeeping PPP-054 $1.00
Company Bulletin Board PPP-055 $0.00
Pesticide Regulations That Affect Growers PPP-059 $1.00
Communicating With The News Media PPP-060 $1.00
Pesticide Safety Tips for the Workplace and Farm PPP-061 $1.00
Chauffeur License Information​​ PPP-065
Pesticide Safety and Calibration Math for the Homeowner PPP-039 $1.00
DOT Rules of the Road: Putting Responsible Drivers and Safe Vehicles on the Road PPP-065 $1.00
NOTE: changes made to page 19-20 May, 2010​ PPP-065
NOTE: REMOVE section “Special Machinery Plates” bottom of page 59
Atrazine and Drinking Water: Understanding the Needs of Farmers and Citizens PPP-066 $1.00
Pesticide Benefit’s Assessment PPP-078 $1.00
Atrazine Use and Weed Management Strategies to Protect Surface Water Quality PPP-067 $1.00
The E’s of Extension Presentation Poster PPP-082 $1.00
When Floods Threaten-Magnet PPP-088 $0.00
Pest Control in Indiana Cantaloupe Production PPP-100 $1.00
Pest Control in Tomatoes for Processing PPP-101 $1.00
Pest Control in Grapes PPP-102 $1.00
Mint Production and Pest Management in Indiana PPP-103 $1.00
Calibration Worksheet For Rotary Fertilizer Spreaders (page 47) PPP-104
Calibration Worksheet For Single-Nozzle Boomless Sprayers (page 22) PPP-104
Calibration Worksheet For Sprayers With Booms (page 17) PPP-104
Retaining Extension Master Gardener Volunteers PPP-123 View $5.50
Stocking Fish in Indiana Ponds PPP-125/FNR-569 $5.50
Indiana Pond Fish Species Identification PPP-128/FNR-584 $15.00
Managing Fish Populations in Indiana Ponds PPP-132/FNR-598W $0.00
A Template for Your Pond Management Plan PPP-133/FNR-599W $0.00