About Us

Vision Statement

We are a leading center of Inclusive Excellence, committed to assuring that everyone feels a deep sense of pride, passion, and belonging.

Mission Statement

To facilitate processes, policies, community engagement, and strategic initiatives in the College of Agriculture that promotes social justice, enhances cultural competency, and achieves the strategic goals of inclusive excellence.

Strategic Initiative of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the College of Agriculture

To advance new models of best practices, attending to core values and culture, for integrating diversity, equity and inclusive excellence into the living culture of the College.

Commitment to Inclusive Excellence

Optimizing inclusive excellence is an active process through which we will achieve excellence in learning, teaching, student development, organizational functioning, and engagement in local and global communities. Practicing inclusive excellence requires us to uncover inequities in student success, identify effective educational practices and build such practices organically for sustained change.

Meet the OMP Team

Pamala Morris

Dr. Pamala Morris

Associate Dean and Director of the Office of Multicultural Programs & Professor of Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication
"It is a distinct honor for me to welcome you to the Office of Multicultural Programs (OMP) in the College of Agriculture, where you can find information about the exemplary work that is being done in the area of diversity and inclusion throughout our college community. Diversity in all its forms is integral to the success of this institution. The College of Agriculture is a diverse and multicultural community that values, supports and i​​s accepting of differences; a community that continually strives to be equitable, fair and inclusive. This website will showcase best practices for diversity programs that work in our college, as well as across the university. A key goal for this website is to enhance communication and collaboration in the area of diversity, both across campus and in ​the surrounding communities."​​
Zachary Brown

Zachary "Zac" Brown M.S.

Assistant Director of Student Recruitment and Retention
Linnette White

Dr. Linnette White

Assistant Director for Faculty and Staff development

Skye Kantola

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Program Manager
Crenel Francis

Crenel Francis Jr.

Summer Programs and Outreach Coordinator

Dr. Horane Diatta-Holgate

Post Doctoral Research Assistant

Melissa Funk

Administrative Assistant
"Welcome to the Office of Multicultural Programs in the College of Agriculture at Purdue University. As the Administrative Assistant for our office I am the first person to greet you and I am happy to assist you. Even if you don’t have a request of me I am thrilled to have visitors so please stop by and say hello, I look forward to meeting you."​​