Summer  ProgramS

The Office of Multicultural Programs is proud to be able to provide support and leadership for a number of summer program opportunities. We aim to expand access to agricultural, natural resources, and related sciences to participants from all backgrounds. 

AgDiscovery is a summer camp outreach program offered through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to help middle through high school-aged students explore careers in animal science, veterinary medicine, agribusiness, plant pathology, aquaculture, and much more. This two-to-four-week program allows participants to live on a college​ campus and discover agricultural science from university professors, practicing veterinarians, industry representatives, and professionals working for the U.S. government. Students who participate in AgDiscovery experience hands-on labs, workshops, field trips, and other group and team-building activities. Each university that engages in AgDiscovery offers different opportunities. ​

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The Cargill-Purdue Agribusiness Science Academy Summer Institutes (C-PASA SI) offers three tiers: 1) C-PASA Middle School Day(s), 2) C-PASA High School Camp, and 3) The C-PASA Teacher Workshop. Each program focuses on further expanding the understanding of the connection between STEM and agriculture for attendees. C-PASA Middle School Day (s) are one-day regional programs for middle school students. C-PASA High School Camp is a two-week pre-college enrichment program for high school students. C-PASA Teacher Workshop is a three-day professional development series for STEM teachers.

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The Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) is a pathway to graduate education at Purdue University. This program is designed to provide equal access and opportunities to underrepresented and diverse students by preparing students for Graduate School by offering six-week intensive research experiences and graduate school resources that contribute to student's professional and academic growth.

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The Purdue Graduate Bridge program offers incoming graduate students a unique opportunity to participate in funded summer research and mentoring. Graduate Bridge is particularly interested in underrepresented students admitted to one of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) disciplines. Their department must nominate the student for participation in the program.

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