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Dr. Adam Chambers
Air Quality Scientist, USDA NRCS National Air Quality and Atmospheric Change Team

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All times are in ET, USA

Opening Remarks

Introductory video

Dr. Gerald Shively
Associate Dean and Director of International Program in Agriculture, Purdue University



Resilient Agricultural Systems
Dr. Robert Bertram
Chief Scientist, USAID

Soil Quality and Health
Dr. Rattan Lal
Distinguished University Professor of Soil Science, The Ohio State University

Adapting Agricultural Systems to the Effect of Climate Change
Dr. M.L. Jat
Principal Scientist-Sustainable Intensification, CIMMYT

Integrated Crop-livestock Systems as a Climate-smart Strategy for Food Security
Dr. Paulo Carvalho
Discipline Leader in the Grazing Ecology Research Group, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


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Wrap-up & Closing Remarks


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