November 16-December 7, 2021

Finding more effective ways to achieve impact at scale is a cross-cutting theme throughout the Global Agriculture Innovation Forum sessions. The previous five themes in the series highlight many areas of innovation in agriculture, but also point out that unless these innovations can be rapidly implemented at scale, development outcomes are unlikely to be achieved. In partnership with the Scaling Community of Practice, Theme Six builds on the momentum created from past efforts, (including the ScaleUp conference held at Purdue in 2018 in partnership with the African Development Bank). This final theme of the year-long program focuses on current science and scholarship on the scaling of agricultural innovations.

Three topical sessions feature ten-minute presentations by 15 speakers, followed by 30 minutes of moderated questions and answers. Session themes address: (i) scaling innovations and innovations in scaling to transform food systems; (ii) moving from projects to system change; and (iii) setting a research agenda for the future.  Theme Six speakers are thought-leaders in the scaling community and share their experiences and ideas about the evolving science of scaling agricultural innovations.