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Dr. Jake Ricker-Gilbert
Professor of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University
Director - Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Processing and Post-Harvest Handling, Purdue University

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Opening Remarks

Introductory video

Dr. Gerald Shively
Associate Dean and Director of International Program in Agriculture, Purdue University



The PICS Bag Innovation: A Simple, Safe and Affordable Technology
Dr. Laurie Kitch
Co-Founder and CEO, PICS Global

The Way to Sustainability is Commercialization
Ms. Charlene McKoin
Principal, McKoin International Development

Adoption of PICS Bags in West Africa
Dr. Tahirou Abdoulaye
Senior Agricultural Economist & Director of IITA Sahel hub
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture

Scaling Post-harvest Innovations: PICS Experience and Lessons Learned
Dr. Dieudonne Baributsa
Associate Professor of Entomology & Director-PICS Program, Purdue University


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Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS)
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PICS 3 Overview
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The PICS Impact: The Hannah Nsiah Story, Ghana
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Measurement of Grain Moisture with Hygrometer
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Cowpea Storage Saves Farmers Millions
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The use and profitability of hermetic technologies for grain storage among smallholder farmers in eastern Kenya
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PICS bags safely store unshelled and shelled groundnuts in Niger
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Quality of Maize for sale in markets in Benin and Niger
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PICS Technology: Mode of Action, Future Prospects
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