July 13-27, 2021

Theme Three of the Global Agriculture Innovation Forum consists of three sessions dedicated to  Innovations in Post-harvest Management. Post-harvest losses in production, including not just quantity losses but also degradation of product quality, can result in losses of 30% or more. Innovations in post-harvest technologies can reduce these losses, and many have direct applications to developing countries. In addition, processing can reduce perishability and add market value, to the benefit of producers and consumers.

The three topical sessions feature a total of 14 speakers drawn from Purdue and elsewhere from around the globe.  Their ten-minute presentations are followed by 30 minutes of moderated questions and answers. Individual sessions explore (i) innovations to ensure food safety and quality; (ii)  food and product processing for markets and managing harvests; and (iii) the experience of the Purdue Improved Crops Storage (PICS) project. One key message shared by speakers is that although many innovations are expensive, new technologies are becoming available that may democratize the adoption of such post-harvest and food safety practices, offering the potential for adoption in countries across the development spectrum.