May 11-June 8, 2021

Theme Two of the Global Agriculture Innovation Forum consists of four sessions focused on Innovations in Genetic Improvement of Agricultural Systems. Breeding and selection of improved species, coupled with systems to propagate and distribute these enhancements, has been a principal driver of productive and sustainable food, fiber, and forestry developments for thousands of years. Innovations will continue to be necessary to address the many challenges going forward.

The four topical sessions feature a total of 19 speakers drawn from around the globe and from a range of institutions. Their ten-minute presentations are followed by 30 minutes of moderated questions and answers. Individual sessions focus on: (i) genetic innovations in crops; (ii) genetic innovations in livestock and fisheries; (iii) innovations in biological amendments; and (iv) expanding access to breeding products. Speakers share a range of approaches to opening new product innovation windows, including the use of modern molecular approaches and “community genetics.” Opportunities associated with new applications of biological organisms and their products in agriculture, food and development can be scaled through public-private partnerships sector.