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Mr. Terry Stone
Global Regulatory Leader, Biological Products, Corteva Agriscience

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All times are in ET, USA

Opening Remarks

Introductory video

Dr. Gerald Shively
Associate Dean and Director of International Program in Agriculture, Purdue University

John McMurdy
Vice President, Innovation & Development, CropLife International



Genetic Innovations to Improve Food Safety and Toxin Control
Ms. Jane Kamau
Commercialization & Agribusiness Manager for Aflasafe – IITA

Plant stimulants (foliar and soil amendments)
Mr. Luca Bonini

Biologicals and IPM
Dr. Brooks Coetzee
Senior Research Scientist – Corteva Agriscience

Marketing Innovations from the Private Sector
Mr. Rick Melnick
Vice President, Global Business – DunhamTrimmer, LLC


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