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Outstanding Students

ASEC Outstanding Students

2022 Honorees


Photo of Shelby Whitaker
Shelby Whitaker
Agricultural Communication
“As a Purdue student, the opportunities and connections that are made throughout the University are countless! There are a multitude of ways to get involved and network with others who may help you in the future. The versatility that Agricultural Communication provides through digital and traditional teachings allow it to be extremely adaptable in all situations, not just in agriculture.”


Photo of Logan Overman
Logan Overman
Agricultural Education
“What I find so humbling about Agricultural Education is the opportunity to impact the trajectory of future generations. As an agriculture educator, you become an essential part of fostering connections between students and the roles they have in agriculture."


Photo of Eaglin Helen
Helen Eaglin
Agricultural Education
“The most fascinating part of being an agricultural education major is the ability to give students new experiences — introducing them to hands-on learning activities, challenging them to go out of their comfort zones, and providing them with opportunities to expand their workplace education.”


Photo of Laura Barrett
Laura Barrett
Agricultural Communication
“Being a Purdue student has allowed me to gain confidence while stepping out of my comfort zone. The environment at Purdue can only be explained as a culture of competition, growth, and innovation. We have the support system of a small college while also keeping the integrity and prestige of a large university.”

Outstanding Thesis

Photo of Ryan Kornegay
Ryan D. Kornegay
Master’s Degree
“I hope that my work and the outline I shared for practical implications can be used as a model to better engage more diverse audiences and be effective in helping them realize the impact of and opportunities in agriculture. If we truly aim to create the next generation of leaders and problem-solvers of the food system, it’s important that we make the learning experiences of these students relevant and authentic to their lives.”

Outstanding Dissertation

Photo of Andres Zabala
Andrés Zabala-Perilla
Doctoral Degree
“I hope this dissertation will help Colombian public policies institutions and research centers address initiatives that focus on reducing socioeconomic and academic gaps that rural Colombian youth experience during the career decision-making process.”

Previous Honorees


Freshman: Allison Lund (Agricultural Communication)
Sophomore: Brittany Gonzales (Agricultural Education)
Junior: Emily Kilmer (Agricultural Education)
Senior: Sneha Jogi (Agricultural Communication)
Outstanding Thesis: Elizabeth Alexander (Master’s Degree)
Outstanding Dissertation: Brandon Allen (Doctoral Degree)


Freshman: Brittany Gonzales (Agricultural Education)
Sophomore: Grant Sanchez (Agricultural Education)
Junior: Sohinee Bera (Agricultural Communication)
Senior: Emily Dougherty (Agricultural Communication)
Outstanding Thesis: Ashley Rice (Master’s Degree)
Outstanding Dissertation: Torrie Cropps (Doctoral degree)

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