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Photo of Mina Reising

Student Profile: Mina Reising

Photo of Julia Hamblen

Student Profile: Julia Hamblen

photo of Shelby Whitaker

Student Profile: Shelby Whitaker

photo of Logan Overman

Student Profile: Logan Overman

Photo of Bella Monroe

Student Profile: Bella Monroe

Roberto Gallardo of the Purdue Center for Regional Development

Visionaries: Helping communities build better futures

Vikki Weake

Visionaries: Building a community of researchers

Beth Hall, Indiana State Climatologist

Visionaries: Climate office data helps businesses make better decisions

Members of the PRCD staff

Visionaries: We're all in this together

Photo of eyes

Visionaries: Fruit flies may provide insight on aging eyes in humans

Beth Hall, Indiana State Climatologist

Visionaries: How one college class can snowball into a career and a passion

Photo of Helen Eaglin

Student Profile: Helen Eaglin

Photo of Inez Ponce de Leon

Distinguished Alumni Inez Ponce de Leon

Photo of Travis Scherer

Distinguished Alumni Travis Scherer

Photo of Tony Carrell

Distinguished Alumni Tony Carrell

Photo of Abigail Alka

Student Profile: Abigail Alka

photo of Hayden Bryce

Student Profile: Bryce Hayden

Photo of Sarah LaRose

LaRose Named ACTE Professional of the Year

Photo of Lauren Murfree

Murfree Earns Boiler Changemaker Award

Photo of Sarah LaRose, Neil Knobloch, and McGuire

NACTA Honors Faculty and Graduate Student

Photo of Sarah LaRose & Mark Tucker

ASEC Faculty Earn Outstanding Teacher Honors

Laura Barrett is all about making connections: between her two majors, with individuals in her program, and with students in other countries.

Student Profile: Laura Barrett

ASEC Distinguished Alumni 2021 Brittinni Brown

Distinguished Alumni Brittini Brown

DAUC -- Dick and Sandy Dauch Alumni Center

Distinguished Alumni Megan Kuhn

Purdue College of Agriculture.

Outstanding Students


Visionaries: Controlled environments extend possibilities

Krishna Nemali

Visionaries: Bringing the cutting edge to middle school

Krishna Nemali

Visionaries: Teaching is noble

Dennis Buckmaster

Visionaries: What is the open-source mindset?

Dennis Buckmaster in a tractor's rearview mirror

Visionaries: The extension spirit guides open-source thinking

Dennis Buckmaster as a youth

Visionaries: Using technology to improve farming operations

Dennis Buckmaster

Visionaries: Bringing open-source tools to farmers

A young Eva Haviarova with a deer

Visionaries: A part of nature from Day One

Hands holding balls made of wood and metal

Visionaries: Wood engages all the senses

Eva Haviarova

Visionaries: Building sustainability

Eva Haviarova

Visionaries: Finding creative uses for residue material

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