Soil and water conservation society


Who we Are

We are students who are interested in a variety of current projects. The Soil and Water Conservation Society - Purdue chapter is not just a student organization but Soil and Water Conservation faculty and staff meet with students which forms the Purdue Chapter and is facilitated by the students. The group focuses on specific speakers from industries and professions who interact as speakers or involve the members in community programs as well as the state and national SWCS affiliate. Speakers are often former Purdue alumni, or state and national leaders which allows for some great networking.  Everyone is welcome to come and join in the discussions.

What we do

We hold monthly meetings with informal discussions about subjects usually related to agriculture and/or environmental issues. There are usually substantial refreshments provided.

How to Join

Students can join by attending the meetings or contacting our chapter advisor, Gary Steinhardt. Since this is the area chapter any student, faculty or staff member is welcome to join.

Why Join

  • Your experience in the soil and water conservation society provides valuable knowledge in current agriculture and environmental news.
  • You learn about different fields and professions from people in industry.
  • You meet interesting friends.
  • Students join a great professional society, learn about upcoming internships and jobs, and may apply for scholarships.