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​The agronomy faculty and staff provide students an excellent education which delivers the foundation, motivation and continuing support for a lifetime of learning. Students learn to think, question established dogma, and develop interpersonal skills.

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Agronomy: Agronomic Business and Marketing Concentration, BS.

Agronomic Business and Marketing prepares students to meet the high demand for professionals in...

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Agronomy: Crop and Soil Management Concentration, BS

BS Crop and Soil Management is for students interested in applying basic agronomic information to...

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Agronomy: International Agronomy Concentration, BS

International Agronomy is designed for students interested in the agronomic aspects of...

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Applied Meteorology and Climatology

Many graduates pursue careers with the National Weather Service, the National Environmental...

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Crop Science

Crop science provides an education in the basic sciences, with applications in crop plant...

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Plant Genetics, Breeding, and Biotechnology

Plant genetics, breeding, and biotechnology students are interested in agricultural...

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Soil and Water Sciences

The Soil and Water Sciences option provides a strong science education, while preparing students...

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Crop Science Minor

Departmental permission is not required to enroll in this minor...

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Soil Science Minor

Departmental permission is not required to enroll in this minor...

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Agronomy Mitch Tuinstra

Dr. Mitch Tuinstra talks about Plant Breeding and Genomics

Agronomy Jianxin Ma

Dr. Jianxin Ma talks Soybean Crop Improvement and Plant Genetics

Agronomy Laura Bowling

Dr. Laura Bowling talks about Watershed Hydrology

Agronomy Diane Wang

Dr. Diane Wang talks about Crop Genetics, Process-Based Modeling, and Ecophysiology

Agronomy Linda Lee

Dr. Linda Lee talks about Environmental Organic Chemistry & Water Research

Agronomy Beth Hall

Dr. Beth Hall talks about the Indiana State Climate Office

Agronomy Katy Martin Rainey

Dr. Katy Martin Rainey talks about Soybean Genetics & Breeding


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