Undergraduate students may not always know there are opportunities to learn about and conduct research as part of their major.

We in Agricultural Communication believe all students benefit professionally and make themselves more marketable by gaining research experience. Students who engage in undergraduate research are more likely to graduate, pursue graduate school, and have more successful careers following graduation. Students in the Purdue Agriculture Dean’s Scholars Program or Purdue Honors College may be required to complete a research project as part of their program requirements.

Agricultural Communication students have many options to pursue research in our specialized field!


Student meeting with professor Undergraduate research in agricultural communication aims to provide students valuable experience and skills that will help them after graduation.

Research in agricultural communication is a special type of social science research focused on better understanding individuals, audiences, perceptions, and behaviors. Professionals in agricultural communication — web designers, public relations managers, broadcasters, editors — routinely use communication and marketing research to guide their decision-making and evaluate their efforts.

As part of your undergraduate research experience, you will learn about various research methods and their proper use. You will also have opportunities to present your study findings to others as well as to publish your work in the Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research.

See your AGCM academic advisor to explore opportunities and learn more.