Courses and Requirements

Any and all available courses can be found here:

University Core Requirements

Purdue University requires each student to satisfy the University Core by taking courses in the following categories:

  • Humanities, Behavioral/Social Science, Information Literacy, Science #1, Science #2, Science, Technology, and Society, Written Communication, Oral Communication, Quantitative Reasoning

Course Listings can be found here:

College of Agriculture Requirements

The College of Agriculture has set the following requirements that must be met, in addition to department plan of study requirements, before a degree can be awarded.

  • Students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • At least 2 semesters of coursework must be completed at Purdue
  • 32 credits of upper division courses must be taken from Purdue (Upper division courses are classified as courses with numbers at the 30000-level or higher)
  • Of the 15 credits of Humanities/Social Science, 9 must be from outside the College of Agri- culture
  • Students must complete 9 credits of International Understanding
  • Student must complete 3 credits of Multicultural Awareness

Course lists for the University Core Requirements, International Understanding, and Multicultural Awareness can be found online at

Botany and Plant Pathology Course List

This list offers a detailed summary of all offered departmental courses.

Focus Selective List

Plant Science focus selective are what make the Plant Science major so flexible and unique to you. The following link has the current focus selectives. If you want to add a course that is not on this list, contact Darcy Allen.