Reciprocal Permits with Neighboring States

Private pesticide applicators in Indiana that purchase and/or apply restricted-use pesticides in another state must also obtain pesticide certification in that state. Indiana has reciprocal agreements with Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky. Generally, the State Department of Agriculture will need to be contacted. Refer to the contact list below for more information.

Certified private applicators that live in adjacent states can apply for reciprocity with Indiana. Reciprocity exempts that applicator from taking Indiana exams but does NOT exempt a person from the Indiana private applicator certification. The Indiana permit can be obtained (without additional exams) by clicking here. Remember to complete the “Reciprocity” section of the form and enclose the appropriate fees. Reciprocal applicators keep their home state permit active. They are not required to attend recertification programs (PARPs) in Indiana.

There are no reciprocal agreements for Category 14 certification.

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Indiana private applicators are allowed to use restricted-use pesticides in Kentucky without obtaining a Kentucky private applicator permit.

Contact: Ric Bessin, (859) 257-7450


A private applicator must request an application form from the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

Contact: 800-292-3939


A private applicator must request an application form from the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Contact: 614-728-6987


Private Applicators should submit a written request to the Illinois Department of Agriculture using the Reciprocity Request Form.

Contact: 217-785-2427

Other Pesticide Applicator Licenses

I have a commercial pesticide license and also farm part-time. Do I need a private applicator permit also?

Usually, yes. The commercial license most likely is issued in the name of a business. You need a private applicator permit in your name to purchase and apply restricted-use pesticides to your property. Although you need both, you only need to accumulate the Continuing Certification Hours (CCHs) for your commercial license. On your private applicator renewal form, you must note that you are renewing it on the basis of your commercial license – CA#. For specific questions, call the Office of Indiana State Chemist at 765-494-1492.