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Grow and design with plants. Produce and market fruits and vegetables. Manage people, plants, or places. Improve the environment through plants. Grow plants in challenging places.

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Grow your career with horticulture!

Knowledge of horticulture is useful to anything that can be cultivated, from fruits and vegetables to trees and shrubs. Your classes, and the hands-on experience they provide, can lead to a career in food production, plant science research, ornamental production, public education, athletic field management, landscape construction, and landscape design.

Horticulture Concentrations

students with plantsPlant Science

Training to improve plants through genetic manipulation and to investigate new methods of propagation, growth, handling, and marketing of horticultural crops. Horticultural scientists work at colleges and universities, state and federal experiment stations, and public or private laboratories and foundations. This area of study prepares students for science-oriented careers such as technicians in plant breeding, propagation, and research industries. Or it’s excellent preparation for postgraduate study toward a master’s degree or Ph.D.

Plan of Study

student with flowersHorticulture Production & Marketing

Preparation to work in the production of horticultural crops or to manage horticultural enterprises. Graduates manage greenhouses or nurseries, floral or plant shops, garden centers, orchards, vegetable farms, and farm markets. They also might develop, distribute, or sell equipment, chemicals, or plant materials.

Plan of Study

woman with wheelbarrowPublic Horticulture

A professional program for students who want to lead or manage botanical gardens, arboreta, zoos, museums, parks, and other community sites. Graduates also become curators of plant collections, educators, plant propagators, illustrators, and writers.

Plan of Study

man watering flowersLandscape Enterprise Management

Combines business leadership training with science-based landscape horticultural skills. Graduates work in sales, client relations and account management in large or small companies and may oversee landscape projects.

Plan of Study

students in fieldLandscape Design

Combines training to creatively design the planted landscape with science-based landscape horticultural skills. Graduates create small-scale landscape designs, and may operate a landscape/design build, construction, or maintenance firm.

Plan of Study

students with plantsLandscape Contracting & Management

Combines preparation for technical, hands-on construction of landscape elements and plant installation with science-based landscape horticultural skills. Graduates manage landscape projects or may operate their own landscape design, landscape installation, or site management company.

Plan of Study

1 in 2 of Purdue Horticulture Students Received Scholarships.

1000+ Student Clubs and Organizations
1000+ Student Clubs and Organizations
Top 5 in Research-Doctorate Programs
Top 5 in Horticulture Research-Doctorate Programs

Career Opportunities

  • Arboreta and botanic gardens
  • Biomedical research firms
  • Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies
  • Chemical and fertilizer companies
  • Food distributors
  • Food processing companies
  • Garden centers
  • Golf courses
  • Greenhouse flower and vegetable growers
  • High schools
  • Historical sites
  • Irrigation companies
  • Junior colleges and universities
  • Landscape construction companies
  • Landscape design companies
  • Landscape management companies
  • Local, state and federal parks
  • Magazines 
  • Nature preserves
  • Nurseries
  • Orchards
  • Recreational and professional sports complexes
  • Resorts and theme parks
  • Seed companies
  • Sod producers
  • Government agencies
  • University Extension Service
  • Vegetable growers
  • Vineyards
  • Yard and garden supply companies

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