Graduate student committee

The Graduate Committee of the Diversity Action Team in Agriculture seeks to advocate for collegiate efforts that will advance the sense of belonging, well-being, and professional self-efficacy amongst graduate students in the College of Agriculture. The Graduate Committee promotes efforts that are holistic and inclusive of graduate students from all backgrounds.

Role of committee members 

Guidance vs. Implementation: Graduate student members of this committee are meant to provide guidance, feedback, or recommendations. They are not expected to implement any action items identified by the committee. That is the responsibility of full-time administrators, staff, or faculty of the College of Agriculture.


Key Projects and outputs

  • OMP Student Demographics Page (annual updates released in Fall)
  • OMP Student Resources Page (updated as new resources are identified)
  • Graduate Student Community Events
    • Annual Spring New Year Welcome (Launched Spring 2023)
    • Annual Summer Sports Festival (Launching Summer 2024)
    • Annual Fall Cultural Festival (Launching Fall 2024)
  • for Graduate Students (coming soon)