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What is Pathway to Purdue Agriculture?

Pathway to Purdue Agriculture is a partnership between the Purdue University College of Agriculture and Ivy Tech Community College-Lafayette designed to help make higher education even more accessible to Indiana students.
The program allows Ivy Tech students to co-enroll at Purdue in preparation for an undergraduate degree in the College of Agriculture. Ag Pathway students will take courses simultaneously at both institutions with the goal of earning a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture from Purdue.



Students will participate in activities to support their academic development and have all the benefits of full-time students at both institutions. On the Purdue campus, that includes access to libraries, student housing, recreational facilities, computer labs, student organizations, and athletic events, all at the same fees (if any) as full-time Purdue students.

Pathway to Purdue Agriculture is limited to students who wish to study agriculture. It is also only available through the Ivy Tech - Lafayette and Purdue University - West Lafayette locations. The program starts in the fall semester only.

Ag Pathway students will take the majority of their general education courses as full-time students at Ivy Tech. Concurrently, they will take at least one course each fall and spring semester as non-degree-seeking students at Purdue.



Criteria for an Ag Pathway student to transfer from Ivy Tech to Purdue:

  Submit a final high school transcript
  Submit a final Ivy Tech transcript
  Submit any additional transcripts from other institutions attended since high school graduation
  Earn a cumulative 2.5 GPA or better (Some Purdue Agriculture majors may require a higher GPA.)
  Earn at least a 2.0 grade in each course for transfer credit to apply
  Complete four Purdue Agriculture courses on the West Lafayette campus
  Meet high school subject matter expectations

While Ag Pathway students must apply for admission to Purdue as transfer students, they will not need to pay an application fee.

Once transferred, a student pays Purdue's tuition rates and receives financial aid from Purdue.

While most of the Purdue Agriculture majors work with the plan as described above, there are some that are more difficult to transfer into from Ivy Tech.

The following programs may work with Pathway to Purdue Agriculture with careful course selection during the first two years. Please contact the Purdue department advisor for guidance:

  •  Agricultural Education
  •  Agricultural Engineering
  • Aquatic Sciences
  • Biological Engineering
  • Biochemistry
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
  • Food Science
  • Forestry
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Wildlife


Who is eligible to enroll?

  Indiana residents

  Will earn high school diploma or equivalent certificate prior to enrollment

  Meets “Program-Ready” requirement at Ivy Tech (does not require College Prep English or math)

  Must not have completed more than 15 earned credit hours from any college or university after graduating from high school


A student is program-ready for the Pathway to Purdue Agriculture program when Ivy Tech's requirements (as determined by PSAT/SAT, ACT, Knowledge Assessment, or previous college coursework) are met to waive Academic Skills Achievement (ASA) courses in reading, writing, and math. The student must be placed into English Composition (ENGL111) for reading and writing, and MATH043 (Intermediate Algebra) or higher for math. Placement scores can be reviewed at and Knowledge Assessment (KA) course placement at

For continued eligibility, the student will:

  • Maintain registration of 12 credit hours, including one course at Purdue University;
  • Meet jointly with the appropriate Ivy Tech and Purdue College of Agriculture academic advisors;
  • Participate in community-building and academic-support activities (a list of these activities will be provided each semester);
  • Maintain a cumulative 2.5 grade point average at each institution (If a student falls below a 2.5 GPA, an academic success plan must be approved by both academic advisors);
  • Earn at least a 2.0 grade in each course for transfer credit to apply.

Cost and Financial Aid

What does the program cost?

Ag Pathway Students will pay the appropriate tuition and fees for each institution and must meet the appropriate deadlines for each institution.

Because financial disbursement at Ivy Tech is later than at Purdue, students will need to sign up for the installment plan for their Purdue balance through their MyPurdue portal by the first day of the semester to keep their Purdue classes from being canceled. If the student requires any special assistance, they will need to contact the Bursar's Office at Purdue University via email (

  Like all new Purdue students, to participate in Purdue's optional weeklong orientation program Boiler Gold Rush, students must pay the program fee.

  To participate in Purdue's recreational sports programs, Ag Pathway students must pay the fee required of non-degree-seeking students.

As a degree-seeking Ivy Tech student in Pathway to Purdue Agriculture, you will apply for financial aid through Ivy Tech's Financial Aid Office. When completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), list Ivy Tech as your first school (Ivy Tech's School Code: 009917) and then include Purdue West Lafayette as your second school (Purdue West Lafayette School Code: 001825). To be considered for financial aid, college students must complete a FAFSA each year.

The Bursar's Office at Purdue works with the Financial Aid department at Ivy Tech to notify Ivy Tech of the enrollment hours at Purdue and if the student has housing fees at Purdue. The budget at Ivy Tech will then be increased as needed to reflect the need for additional aid for housing or if the student qualifies for state aid for enrollment hours and costs.

  If a student is expecting scholarships at Purdue, they will need to notify us via email ( so that the Division of Financial Aid can authorize the aid manually.

Both Ivy Tech and the Purdue College of Agriculture continue to seek additional scholarship support for Ag Pathway students.



All students in the Pathway to Purdue Agriculture program are automatically registered for the Pathway to Purdue Agriculture Learning Community.

  Ag Pathway students who live in Purdue student residences will have access to purchase parking permits near their assigned housing location on campus as well as free access to Greater Lafayette's CityBus public transportation system.

The Learning Community ties together classroom learning with out-of-class experiences while being supported by your faculty. You also have the opportunity to participate in a residential aspect of the Learning Community, as all Ag Pathway students who live on campus will live together in the UR Boiler Apartments or Hawkins Hall. You will participate in classes together, get to know one another, learn about the resources available to you at Purdue University and Ivy Tech Community College, and have the opportunity to go on some exciting trips! Living together will also give you the opportunity to form study groups, interact with faculty where you live, and have additional resources in faculty fellows as well as a resident assistant.

  As a member of the Pathway to Purdue Agriculture Learning Community living on campus at Purdue University, you will be assigned to the UR Boiler Apartments located at 333 South Grant Street and 410 Steely Street or Hawkins Hall located at 430 Wood Street.

  A HOUSING CONTRACT must be signed by the new student housing contract deadline May 5 at 11:59 PM EDT. More information about University Residences can be found online at

  While each apartment unit has a full kitchen, you will also need to purchase a Meal Plan to eat in any of the Purdue Dining & Catering facilities, (see "Residential Dining and Meal Plans" for choices and details).

  If you have questions regarding this process, please contact Learning Communities at (765) 494-2020 


Apply to pathway to purdue agriculture


Steps to apply:

  1. Complete the Pathway to Purdue Agriculture Enrollment Request Form
  2. Apply to Ivy Tech - Lafayette
  3. Apply to Purdue as a non-degree seeking student

  The deadline to submit Enrollment Requests for fall enrollment is April 1.

  Application review for the Pathway to Purdue Agriculture program typically begins in February.

Please complete the enrollment request here.

 We accept enrollment requests only between August 1 and April 1.

Apply to Ivy Tech Lafayette


  Be sure to submit transcripts to complete your application.


  Be sure to submit transcripts to complete your application.

If the student has applied to West Lafayette to be degree-seeking, the Enrollment Request Form authorizes Purdue's Office of Admissions to create a new non-degree-seeking application. The student does not need to submit a second Purdue application or pay the application fee again.

Why Pathway to Purdue Agriculture?

Earn two degrees - associate degree in agriculture from Ivy Tech and bachelor of science in agriculture

from Purdue, receive the benefits of both institutions, transfer credits seamlessly, and live on campus

(optional) as part of the Pathway to Purdue Agriculture Learning Community.

Pathway to Purdue students engaging in learning community activities on Purdue's campus.

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