Ag Research Award


The annual Purdue Agricultural Research Award consists of a plaque, a $1,500 honorarium funded by earnings in the Charles Guthrie Patterson Memorial Endowment and Matthew Morgan Hamilton Funds, and $10,000 for the recipient’s research program. Agricultural Research has presented this award annually since 1982.

Nomination gui​​delines

Department heads and faculty may nominate deserving candidates with less than 18 years experience beyond the Ph.D.

  • ​​Concise Summary (a paragraph or list) describing major achievements and impacts
  • Educational background
  • Faculty Appointments (rank, date)
  • Memberships in professional societies and organizations, editorial boards, grants panels, etc.
  • Awards and honors received
  • List of publications in the following categories:
    • Refereed journal papers (including impact factors, citation indices), book chapters, and books
    • Other technical publications, including published proceedings
    • Published abstracts
    • Invitational papers presented
  • Research grants and contracts
  • Professional Service & Recognition​
  • Students and postdoctorates advised and mentored
  • Collaboration and broader impacts​
  • Statement of research contribution – Limit to two pages. Describe the nominee’s significant accomplishments and the impact of the person’s research. 
  • Explain how the nominee’s work has contributed to agriculture, natural resources, and quality of life of Indiana citizens. The latter should be interpreted broadly, as the research undertaken may not have an immediate or direct impact on agriculture, natural resources, and quality of life.
  • Supporting letters–There should be four supporting letters, including two from well-recognized peers in the field from outside Purdue University. These should cover how the person’s research accomplishments impact the field or discipline.
  • Nominations for the 2024 Award must be submitted electronically to Rhonda Haan ( by Thursday, February 1, 2024.


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Past rec​ipients

2023  Haley Oliver, Food Science

2022  Kolapo Ajuwon, Animal Sciences

2021   Tomas Höök, Forestry and Natural Resources

2020   Songlin Fei, Forestry and Natural Resources

2019    Ian Kaplan, Entomology

2018    Marisol Sepúlveda, Forestry and Natural Resources

2017    Mary Catherine Aime, Botany and Plant Pathology

2016    Jianxin Ma, Agronomy

2015    Nathan Mosier, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

​2014    Shihuan Kuang, Animal Sciences

2013    Mario Ferruzzi, Food Science

2012    Indrajeet Chaubey​, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

2011    Andrew DeWoody, Forestry and Natural Resources

2010    Lisa Mauer​, Food Science

2009    Daniel Szymanski, Agronomy

2008    Rabi Mohtar, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

2007    Gerald Shively, Agricultural Economics

2006    Dirk Maier, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

2005    Natalia Dudareva, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

2004    Michael Spurlock, Animal Sciences

2003    Arun Bhunia, Food Science

2002    K.G. Raghothama, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

2001    Clint Chapple, Biochemistry

2000    Bruce Hamaker, Food Science

1999    Sally A. Mackenzie, Agronomy

1998    Bernard Engel, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

1997    S. Suzanne Nielsen, Food Science

1996    Allan P. Schinckel, Animal Sciences

1995    Thomas W. Hertel, Agricultural Economics

1994    W. Randy Woodson, Horticulture

1993    Jeffrey Volenec, Agronomy

1992    Mark A. Diekman, Animal Sciences

1991    Nicholas C. Carpita, Botany and Plant Pathology

1990    Martin Okos, Agricultural Engineering

1989    Phillip C. Abbott, Agricultural Economics

1988    Peter E. Dunn, Entomology

1985    Michael R. Ladisch, Agricultural Engineering

1984    Wallace Tyner, Agricultural Economics

1983    John H. Cushman, Agronomy

1982    Robert L. Thompson, Agricultural Economics ​


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