College of Agriculture Citations

We are recognizing faculty for being among the top in their field based on citations of their work. Whether you believe citations and associated H-index and other derived factors are good, bad or indifferent, these metrics are widely used including in an international ranking of colleges of agriculture, by references as they evaluate candidates for various awards, and in forming opinions about the reputation of our research enterprise and college.

Faculty by rank with the biggest changes in citations and H-index over a recent one year period are identified in the section immediately below. The last section lists faculty identified—through a comprehensive analysis of citations and derived metrics —as being in the top 2% of researchers globally in their field. This data comes from a from a 2021 study by a group of Stanford authors. The faculty associated with the Purdue University College of Agriculture at the time of are identified in that list.

We appreciate the impact, as indicated by citations, those recognized below are having within their research communities.

These faculty had the largest change in citations and H factors by rank in the most recent year for which we captured data.



Zhixiang Chen
Andy Mesecar
Jeff Dukes
Tom Hertel
Layi Adeola
Bruce Hamaker
Mike Ladisch
Jayson Lusk
Natalia Doudareva
Catherine Aime
Davide Cammarano
Damon Lisch
Scott Briggs
Margaret Gitau
Brad Kim
Jacob Ricker-Gilbert
Owen Jones
Mike Mickelbart
Kee Hong Kim
Mo Zhou
Tim Johnson
Scott McAdam
Luiz Brito
Jingjing Liang
Jennifer Wisecaver
Lavanya Reddivari
Hui-Hui Wang
Steve Lindemann
Jacob Hosen
Kranthi Varala



Andy Mesecar
Jeff Dukes
Jayson Lusk
Bryan Pijanowski
Shihuan Kuang
Layi Adeola
Bruce Hamaker
William Johnson
Nate Mosier
Mitch Tuinstra
Davide Cammarano
Brad Kim
Jacob Ricker-Gilbert
Farzad Taheripour
Darrin Karcher
Amanda Deering
Dieudonne Baributsa
Jon Schoonmaker
Bruce Erickson
Elizabeth Flaherty
Shalamar Armstrong
John Couture
Jian Jin
Scott McAdam
Luiz Brito
Lavanya Reddivari
Brock Harpur
Marisa Erasmus
Betty Feng
Jen-Yi Huang
Diane Wang
* tie for 10th place so 11 recognized


A fall 2021 publication from Stanford authors identified the top 2% of researchers globally based on citations and metrics derived from citations. Those with College of Agriculture affiliations at the time of the analysis are listed below. To reflect the analysis and reporting in the Stanford paper, all authors affiliated with Purdue College of Agriculture that were listed are included. Some scientists are no longer with Purdue University.

Luiz F. Brito
Grzegorz Buczkowski
Yuan H.Brad Kim
Shihuan Kuang
Jingjing Liang
Jianxin Ma
Scott A.M. McAdam
Ganesan Narsimhan
Gerald E. Shively
Mitchell R. Tuinstra
Tony J. Vyn
Qianlai Zhuang
Jack L. Albright
Stanley A. Barber
Paul B. Brown
J. Andrew Dewoody
Jules Janick
Linda S. Lee
W. P. McCafferty
Cindy H. Nakatsu
S. S. Nielsen
L. D. Norton
D. Marshall Porterfield
P. S.C. Rao
Philip J. Sanmiguel
Darrell G. Schulze
Maria S. Sepúlveda
Guofan Shao
Christopher J. Staiger
Robert K. Swihart
Ronald F. Turco
Robert G. Wagner
Roy L. Whistler
Olayiwola Adeola
M. Catherine Aime
Kolapo Matthew Ajuwon
Jo Ann Banks
James N. Bemiller
Arun K. Bhunia
Ray A. Bressan
Stephen L. Cameron
Nicholas C. Carpita
Clint Chapple
Zhixiang Chen
S. S. Donkin
Natalia Dudareva
Jeffrey S. Dukes
Gebisa Ejeta
Bernard A. Engel
Bruce R. Hamaker
Thomas W. Hertel
Greg J. Hunt
Douglass F. Jacobs
Cliff T. Johnston
Owen Griffith Jones
Ian Kaplan
Eileen Kladivko
Jozef Kokini
Michael R. Ladisch
Damon Lisch
Jayson L. Lusk
Tesfaye Mengiste
Andrew D. Mesecar
Cary A. Mitchell
Nathan S. Mosier
William M. Muir
Ji Qin Ni
Bryan C. Pijanowski
Linda S. Prokopy
K. G. Raghothama
Michael E. Scharf
Daniel B. Szymanski
W. Andy Tao
Wallace E. Tyner
Jin Rong Xu