Proposal Development and Submission

Proposal development flowchart

Suggested Proposal Development Work Flow

Get Organized

  • Contact Pre-award 3 weeks before proposal due date (minimum)
  • Create project timeline using basic and Pre-award timelines.
  • If multi-institutional, provide pre-award with sub contract information.

Develop Supporting Documents

  • USDA, NIH, NSF templates
  • Send to Pre-Award ASAP for streamlined loading.
  • (Due 2 Business Days before submission)

Narrative and Budget

  • Develop Storyline
  • Near Final Narrative and FINAL Budget required for Approval Routing.
  • (Near Final Narrative and Final Budget are due to Pre-award 5 business days before submission)

Pre-award Route for Approval

  • Near Final Narrative and Final budget must be approved by Dept Head, PIs and others before submission.
  • (Pre-award Routing begins 36 -48 hours prior to submission)

PI Final Revisions

  • Continue making final revisions to documents (NO budget revisions)
  • (Final revisions due to Pre-Award 8 hours (1 day) prior to submission)


  • Proposals are agreements between agency and Purdue.
  • Therefore, Pre-award office will upload documents on your behalf.
  • (Must be in Pre-award office 8 hours (1 day) before submission)