Proposal Development

The 4 Questions for Building a Powerful Storyline

  • What is the problem?
  • What has been done already to address problem?
  • What is the gap that remains?
  • How do we propose to address this gap?
Proposal Development flowchart

Proposal Development Process

1.  Do you have a funding opportunity for your idea?

  • If no, proceed to step 2
  • if yes, proceed to step 3

2.  Review funding options

  • Please contact Brad Joyce if you need assistance exploring funding options.

3.  Is funding limited?

(Some agencies limit the number of proposals that can be submitted by an institution.  The Eligibility section usually provides this information.)

4.  Contact Pre-award three weeks before due date to begin budget development

  • Proceed to step 5

5.  Do you want proposal support?

  • If no, proceed to step 6
  • if yes, proceed to steps 7 and 8

6.  Review online recourses.

  • Proceed to step 9

7.  Do you want support with team building and strategizing?

8.  Do you want grant writing assistance?

9.  Submit final proposal using institutional authority at Pre-Award Center.