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Purdue Pesticide Programs (PPP), as part of the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service (CES), has a unique, interdisciplinary purpose relative to pesticide issues. Its mission encompasses three broad areas: implementation of pesticide education outreach programs directed at pesticide user groups and the general public; coordination of pesticide research and pesticide impact assessment projects between Agricultural Experiment Station researchers and Cooperative Extension specialists; and transfer of regulatory information from EPA and the Office of the Indiana State Chemist to the regulated community and other interested parties. A philosophy committed to enhancing educational efforts, improving communication links, and encouraging diverse viewpoints facilitates the successful fulfillment of these obligations.

PPP Personnel

Fred Whitford

Dr. Fred Whitford

Clinical Engagement Professor | Director of Pesticide Programs
Cheri  Janssen

Cheri Janssen

Curriculum Development, Commercial and PARP Applicators
765.496.1556 (fax)

Cindy Myers

Conference Coordinator, Office Manager, PARP
765.496.1556 (fax)
Jeff Stouppe

Jeff Stouppe

765.496.1556 (fax)