Insect Biology Undergraduate Capstone Registration

To complete your IBIO capstone, you need to register for ENTM 49310 during the semester(s) in which you are working on your project, and register for ENTM 49390 during the semester in which you plan to present your capstone project.

ENTM 49310: At the beginning of the semester, you need to fill out two forms and send to These forms are Capstone Agreement and Capstone Project Outline. You and your mentor both need to sign the Capstone Agreement.

Capstone Agreement - Fillable PDF    Capstone Project Outline - Fillable PDF

Please see below for more information about the ENTM 49390 (capstone forum). Email if you have any questions.


Insect Biology Undergraduate Capstone Forum

Fall 2024

In lieu of the Fall Semester 2024 Undergraduate Capstone Forum, students will be required to upload a link to their recorded capstone presentation to the Brightspace site using the Circuit link provided on the content page. Presentations must be uploaded no later than 5:00 pm on Thursday, December 5. Instructions for creating and uploading the video are available in the Circuit link in Brightspace under "Assignment Details".


After submitting the video link for your presentation, 3 other students will be randomly assigned to view and evaluate your presentation using the University's Oral Communication Rubric. Those scores will help inform your capstone mentor's assessment of the presentation when they assign a final score.

Likewise, you will be required to view the video recording created by several other capstone studnts and will provide feedback using the University's Oral Communication Rubric. Your final grade will be based partially on completion of the peer review process.

Successful completion of the capstone experience (ENTM 49310), including a recorded presentation, and a written paper or poster, is a departmental requirement for graduation. Please see the ENTM 49390 syllabus for further information.

  • Capstone presentation recordings should be limited to 12 minutes.

  • All students planning to participate in the Fall  Semester Capstone Forum should be enrolled in ENTM 49390 during Spring Semester 2024.

  • After the written capstone report or poster has been reviewed and approved by the capstone mentor, it must be uploaded to the ENTM 49390 capstone summary website no later than Friday, December 13.

  • If you have difficulties uploading your written report, please email it to Amanda Wilson.

Questions concerning the capstone requirements should be directed to:

Amanda Wilson
Academic Advisor | Department of Entomology
Ph: (765) 494-9061